Men Are Sharing The Secrets They “Never Tell Women” (17 Secrets)

11. The truth is, neither do we sometimes…

“We truly don’t know why you’re upset sometimes, and it doesn’t mean we don’t care.” –DopyWantsAPeanut

12. I’m calling bullshit.

“If we’ve just started dating, I might not be that forthcoming with my feelings, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested. Sometimes it’s because I don’t know how you feel, and am afraid of being knocked back.” –Loose-Professional34

13. At this point you if you aren’t just ordering more fries, it’s hopeless.

“It annoys me that you say you don’t want fries but then take mine. I mean what the f–k?” –Wide_Brilliant

14. I feel personally attacked.

“9.57/10 i have already seen the meme you sent me 3 weeks before you did.” –ImSoSpiffy

15. Uhh, ONLY 25 minutes?! So, what’re you doing later, Willy? 

“I only lasted 25 minutes because I jacked it earlier today.” –Wildeyewilly

16. Alright, that’s enough. You’re right, we shouldn’t have asked.

“We don’t actually scratch our balls. It’s more of a pinch and roll.” –du_nok

17. THIS is the correct answer to the question.

“No matter how ugly you think you look, there’s always a guy that thinks you look amazing.” –BrownSugar08

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