23 People Share The One Thing That Immediately Makes Them Distrust Someone


They don’t use their blinkers.



I remember this girl I was friends with as a teen, I had a thing for her but I found out she cared more about trying to marry into a rich family than anything else. One night she was back from college and invited me over to her place, she was being kinda flirty asking why we never hooked up (to which I pointed out she had a boyfriend who I repeatedly pointed out was bad for her), up until this point she had only told me she was still sorta dating that guy. After I turned her down because I was in a relationship, albeit one I was unhappy with, she starts telling me how she’s secretly living with that guy’s brother.

She told me how she was using both of the brothers, how the one brother is much better in bed, etc. and I’m just sitting there thinking “holy shit, you actually had a thing for this girl?”

Turned me off to the idea of even hanging out with her.



When I catch them lying about something very small with no consequences if they were to tell the truth.