This Viral Siri Phone Hack Video Is The First Straight Fire Jam Of 2019

Every so often, a piece of groundbreaking work comes along and changes your understanding of art and the world around you. I am pleased to report that this has already happened, just one day into 2019!

It comes to us in the form of a video, in which a man can be heard asking Siri, “What’s one trillion to the tenth power?” and to which Siri replies by saying, “one trillion raised to the tenth power is one zero zero zero…” (She proceeds to say ‘zero’ 120 times, presumably, though it doesn’t actually matter because the only thing that matters is the sick beat dropped by two pen-wielding dudes over her voice.)

Honestly it’s way cooler than it sounds and you should waste no time in watching, right now:

People were straight up impressed with this finessing of what turned out to be a low-key banger.

The Siri hack prompted some to record and share their own remixes, like this hot fire Punjab remix:

Or this spoon-led beat:

Non-iOS users be warned: don’t try to buy yourself some of this free happiness, as it doesn’t work on other devices. The rest of us will be out here boppin’ to Siri until 2020.