Sex Workers Reveal Their Worst Requests From Clients (24 Stories)

Ah, sex work, the world’s oldest profession. Whether you’ve paid for their company or not, you gotta realize just how much we owe to sex workers. They help people come to terms with their kinks (ya little freaks), provide companionship, offer confidence (or shame, if that’s your thing), and have been bringing pure pleasure to millions for decades. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock for years, sex work is most certainly real, lucrative, career-worthy work. 

Sex is also arguably the most interesting part of humanity. We’re obsessed! There are more flavors of sexual preferences than a Baskin Robins, just look at all the categories on your favorite porn site.

The ability to provide even the biggest freaks their preferred service is absolutely admirable and let’s be honest, we really REALLY want to know about all of the weirdest ones.


We are forever grateful for Redditor  u/thot_white_boy who asked:” Sex workers of Reddit, what is the worst request a client has given you?”

And the responses will make you feel like you’re vanilla as f*&% in the sack. 

1. Sponges are my kink.

“I haven’t had too many bad experiences but I did get a pretty unique request. So I do online work, I had a guy sexting me one day who told me sponges turn him on. The word sponge, the smell of one, touching one, doing dishes, all of it. So we role-played like I was washing dishes and I sent him a little video of me cleaning with a sponge like “look how soapy and sudsy my sponge is getting, I’m trying to clean up but I’m just making such a mess” and he ate that shit uppppp. It’s nice to get something completely brand new every once in a while lol, plus I was getting chores done at the same time.” –2mgxan

2. Take that, pillow!

“I punched a pillow as hard as I can for an hour….while saying his moms name….. it was definitely arm day that day.” –jungwonhyeong

3. Scary balloons.

“So I have a genuine fear of balloons (latex balloons specifically). I’ve posted about it jokingly online, but for the most part it’s not widely known. A man messaged me a few months back asking for feet pictures, and I was super excited that it had finally happened to me (i used to get so jealous of girls that would be asked for feet pics and turn them down- like honey send them my way). Turns out, he has a foot fetish but he’s also… a looner. He has a balloon fetish. I thought it was a friend pranking me at first, but he was legit. He knows about my fear of balloons, so we’ve settled on using a beach ball as a compromise. Every few months, I hump a beach ball fully clothed for a min or two and make big money.” –softneedle

4. Spoonfed.

“One guy used to want me to make him cum in a spoon and then feed it to him. That was weird. Another guy kept insisting that I tell him that I love him. That just made me sad.” –saucy_awesome

5. Cut off your toe to spite your, erection?

“I sold foot pics/videos/Skype sessions a few years ago, before the market became absolutely flooded. I had a lot of people asking for me to stomp on small animals – bugs, mice, reptiles, etc. That’s against my moral code, and icky, so I never did it but even if I was willing to do it they wouldn’t pay very much for it.

Also saw some messages from a friend I made in the business where some french dude asked her to cut off a toe and sell it to him, so he could eat it. Not sure if he was just trolling but honestly I would not be surprised if he was serious.” –yungbutteredrice

6. Not looking for anything physical.

“In the intro room the client told me he wasn’t looking for anything physical but asked if I would walk on his back. Easy- I’m in. Go into the booking and what he actually wanted was for me to walk on his back in stilettos, engrave in (fake) initials onto his chest with my heel, stomp on his genitals, walk on his face, spit on and demean him.” –T-90_

7. Dr. Pimple Popper

“He had a load of big blackheads and dilated pores of winers on his back and he asked me to pop them and eat them. I declined. This same guy liked being pissed on, being puked on and sticking his fingers up my nose and eating my snot. Also one guy asked me to shit in his mouth. Nope.” –FriendlyHoBag

8. You motor-boatin-son-of-a-bitch

“I work with a 94 year old dementia patient he wants to pay me $100 to just “lick my big titties just once” “sit in his lap” “motorboat my titties” “just let me play with you a little”. –HouseHolder87

9. Another stepmom fantasy.

“I had a guy book an appointment. The screening and everything leading up to the appointment was totally normal. A few important things to note- he and I were about the same age (late 20s) and I do not advertise fetish. My brand is pretty much ‘girl next door’.

I arrive, we chat a bit. Then suddenly he asks me to role play. Things escalate quickly as he wants me to be his stepmother and torture his balls. That appointment ended quickly.” –smokeandshadows

10. Putting the cum in cucumber.

“Some guy wanted my friend to shove a cucumber up his arse, he paid her £500 for a 20 minute stunt with the cucumber. She did it gladly but was kinda concerned for the guy.” –st420rs


“My friend is and she has a regular client who asks that she spits orange juice in his eyes.” –rootslegge

12. Oh, yea, your C-13 baby

“I had a guy ask me if I could get my dental records and read them to him. He also wanted to tell him how much pain was involved with my procedures.

Another time right in the midst of things he asks if he can cath me. Fuck I was outta there.” –maleficent4

13. Scat-illy-be-bop.

“Co-worker used to work with a guy who is into scat. Except this scat involved a glass table. Apparently he liked the woman to sit on top of the glass table and shit while he laid under it and beat off.” –5h0ck

14. DON’T. MOVE.

“I had a guy once ask me to just lay completely still. He did the same, blinked kinda hard when he came, and was done. Stared into my eyes the whole time. The most awkward fuck of my life. But at least I got paid.” –Calamity_Thrives

15. A Sunday afternoon tradition.

“The lady in the basement was running a brothel. She was usually the only one working. Every Sunday three men, an old man, a middle aged and young man, would rock up and sit outside her door. One day, when we got on familiar enough terms I asked her. How come you entertain these three same time every week? She said it was a tradition among some Greek families, this one in particular that son father and grandfather would call in to a brothel and have sex on the way home from church. They were sharing the same prostitute.” –ledgerdemaine

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