25 Parents Who Punished Their Kids In The Strangest Ways Imaginable


I loved reading as a kid, my father realized sending me to my room wasn’t a punishment. My father is an english professor. He got good. After a while, my punishment wasn’t go to my room, it was watch c-span, I would have to watch politics for hours, and we would talk about it.

I was one of the few, if only 12 year olds who could talk about the Senate, the house, who is trying to push through what… As a grown up now, I’m thankful, as a kid, I was stunned – how did he come up with something so anti- useful.



I didn’t want to eat my cereal because I thought it was too soggy, so my mom made me sit there until I ate it all. Of course by the time I finally ate it, soggy was a distant memory. It was basically soup. When I eat cereal now, I can only put a tiny amount of milk.



My brother and I always got into fights as kids, and one time, our parents got fed up with it, and we got handcuffed together, and one of us got blindfolded. They would change who was blindfolded every day, but the person who could see had to guide the person who couldn’t, and feed them, and basically help them with everything. We were like this for a full week



My parents would make me eat a spoonful of asian super spicy chili oil as a punishment. Jokes on them, I f***king love spicy food now



When I was around kindergarten age, I was obsessed with the Rachel Ray’s tv show – 30 Minute Meals. So one week, my parents didn’t let me watch the show. That was literally it. And I remember thinking it was the worst punishment