People Are Sharing The Times They Walked Out In The Middle Of Sex (26 Stories)


I once regrettably dated a woman who was with me purely to upset her conservative parents. We were having sex in her bedroom and she began shouting as loudly as she could. I asked her to stop, but she said she wanted them to hear us.

That was not my idea of fun, so I stopped. She sobbed like a child because I didn’t want to take part in her weird fantasy. —F-cktheroyalfamily


I met up with a couple at a hotel for a threesome. After things started the girlfriend didn’t want to join in so she stayed fully clothed just sitting on the other bed watching. The guy was getting too aggressive eating me out and then started pressuring me hard for penetration.

I realized if I allowed things to continue I was going to regret it so I just got up out of bed and said I wasn’t comfortable to continue and got dressed and left. Turned into a really awkward situation but I’m proud of myself for speaking up and leaving. —ismokethejoink


Girl just started slapping the sh—t out of me; Slapped me soft. Like… You can’t ask me, first? I coulda told you no and saved us some time. —uuuuuhhhh_okay


I actually did walk out. i was hooking up with this girl and she says something about her boyfriend while we are undressing eachother and making out. i explain I dont need to be murdered in some cheating senorio.

she explains its her EX bf so we are back on. Going at it for a few minutes and lining up for the landing when she says “i’m going to turn on my flip so I can send him a video”.

Instant soft and I let myself out explaining I aint getting shot. —suitology


Not only that, I’ve fallen asleep. Our relationship wasnt the best, and when I’d get home she would pounce ontop of me. As things went downhill, so did my energy, and soon I found myself sleeping during the more relaxed positions lol —LittleBrassTurtle


It wasn’t technically mid-sex but I was newly single and trying to sex away my sorrows on tinder. After swiping for a while I linked with a chick and she was very forward and wanted to get down to business so I gave her my address to come over.

She shows up with a baby… like probably 3 to 4 months old…then proceeds to tell me she will set the baby up on the chair in the corner of the room while we do the deed.

I had a microscopic studio apartment so she might as well have just wanted to place the baby on top of my head. Long story short I politely declined her services and deleted tinder. —SpiritualAssociate11


I realized she looked like a cousin. I couldn’t keep going. —nievesdelimon


Yes, during sex my ex-boyfriend grabbed my stomach fat and said I needed to get rid of it

Edit: I did walk out —fredndolly12


I didn’t walk out, but I was carried out. On a stretcher. By paramedics.

Backstory for anyone interested: I have severe endometriosis so sex can be agonising at times. I felt a flare coming on but stupidly decided having sex would be ok. It was all going well until I suddenly felt a tearing/popping sensation on my left side. The pain followed about 2 seconds later. At which point I screamed, then lost consciousness.

Apparently I started to choke on my own vomit so my partner called an ambulance. I was taken to the hospital, were I was informed that I’d had a cyst that had ruptured. It would have burst eventually, the sex just hurried things along. The doctor thought it was funny. So that’s the story of the time my sexual activity was interrupted by a medical emergency. —TheCounsellingGamer


Yes. My gf at the time was on top of me and i noticed a rather fresh hicky on her left breast…. She had been in florida for the 2 weeks leading up and just got home that day.

Asked her “uhm whats that?” And she lied horrendously saying it was claw marks from her dog…. Shaped like human teeth? Rrriiggghhttt.

Told her to get off me, ripped off the condom and said good night. Sex is great but its hard to stay in the mood after piecing together you were clearly cheated on and then lied to about it —Kevo55