Guys Are Sharing The Things Women Did That Made Them Ghost Forever And Y’all Wildin’

Have you ever gone on a date with someone, only to realize you’d rather stab your eyes out with a plastic fork than have to ever see them again? What started off promising quickly turned into red flag city, making you wonder how that person ever manages to go about their everyday life and still maintain relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

Granted, sometimes it is an utterly innocuous thing that turns you off. This doesn’t happen to be the case in any of the following instances, as shared by the AskReddit community in response to the question, “Guys on Reddit, how did a woman ruin her chances with you?” They’re all…pretty bad. Ladies, whose raising you??? Barn animals???


After sleeping with me she said that she doesn’t want to see me again. I did like her tho but I respected her decision.

3 weeks of no communication I got a message from her saying

“So that’s how it’s going to be. Don’t ignore me.”

Uhhhh yeah lady. No.



A girl asked for my number at work and on our first date/hangout we went through the McDonald’s drive thru and she threw her old drink cup out of the window of the car and into the parking lot right before I stopped at the speaker and laughed as it blew up all over the place.

Later on she threw her McDonald’s bag of garbage out the window too.

I didn’t text her again.



“Sorry, I’m not into single guys.”




She made me buy her an egg roll from the place next to where we were eating. She didn’t want to do it herself because she claimed Chinese people creeped her out.

When I asked her why, she said “because of Pearl Harbor.”

Also, she stole my iPod.




She didn’t wipe her a**hole very well. Serious.



Was in a bar with a girl I was seeing and some of her friends were there too. She goes up to a random guy and starts making out with him. I see it, her friends see it, her friends see that I see it. She starts walking up to me and two of her friends grab her and take her outside. That was the last time I saw or talked to her.



She said she was going to wait until I fall asleep and then cut my hair. When I explained that this wasn’t funny (my long hair obviously means a lot to me), she insisted. She seemed very surprised later when I declined to go on a second date.



When I found out she stole from someone close to her.



Talked about her ex the entire time and started making subtle comparisons to me. It felt like I was being vetted for a job.




She failed to mention she had a boyfriend who I had actually met and spoken to a few times.



She peeled her sunburn off onto my rug. Just sat there on a chair and peeled it, tossing it on the floor.

The end.



Baby talk. Noped out of there and never looked back.




By constantly explaining how her physical features were unattractive. She was a little overweight, but she went into details about every little thing she didn’t like about her appearance. I found her attractive, just couldn’t stand arguing about it with her.



She was talking about how she destroyed her old iPhone and made her mother give her the new upgrade which would’ve been the mom’s.



It’s happened with a few women, but when they’re super flirty with you one day then text you the next day asking for advice about another guy. I get they’re doing that to make you jealous and get you to make a move, but nothing turns me off more.



Pulling a fake pregnancy and abortion on me in an attempt to keep me interested. After months of drama for no reason other than “to keep me from getting bored of her” (her words when I later asked why she was the way she was), that made sure she’d never get another chance when she kept trying to rekindle things.



A girl I went out on a date with made fun of me relentlessly the entire time. Everything I did and said was ridiculed. She texted me a few days later asking if I wanted to go out again and I said no. She asked why and I told her I didn’t really enjoy being mocked the entire time.

She said it was flirting and playful and had a good time, thought I was fun and she was interested. She blew it.



About 20 minutes after a considerably large dinner, she straddles me. I told her I wasn’t in the mood and I’d probably throw up on her if I was all shaken up. She gets pissy, goes to bed, and I wake up to a text the next morning that says “I think you should stay at your mom’s for a couple days.”




She was larger, which I was perfectly fine with. But Jesus was she strong. She would grab me and practically mash her teeth against mine to give me a kiss. Handys hurt like hell. Even a BJ was hard to take. She needed a much stronger man than me



aprx 1 month after we started dating, the conversation goes something like this:

her: I like you better than my ex.

me: really? why tho?

her: He thought more about himself than about me.

me: amm, how so?

her: He would prefer to buy things for himself before buying things for me.

me: (thinking maybe he was buying stupid things like booze or videogames). Like what?

her: He said he had to pay for his tuition that semester and so he couldnt buy me my bday gift, so I left him.

Yeah, i ran away ASAP



Her breath was just awful. Wouldn’t take the hint, either, and always wanted to french within 2 seconds of kissing. Just a complete turn off for me.



She frequently told my female friend/roommate different tactics she NEEDED to use to keep a guy she was seeing interested. They were mostly small things like telling the guy that she was hosting a party, but explicitly not inviting him to join.

I want nothing to do with women who think it’s good to deliberately manipulate or emotionally abuse their boyfriends.



Sent me her venmo info



By being rude and needlessly difficult with a waitress.



We were talking outside after school and a visiting track team was getting off a bus and she said “Oh look, a ____” (she said the n-word).