19 Times Employees Called Bullshit On ‘The Customer Is Always Right’

If you’ve ever worked in the customer service industry, you’ll agree that the phrase “the customer is always right” could not be further from the truth. Often times, the customer is so spectacularly wrong, it’s laughable.

So, when one Twitter user asked employees about their worst customer experiences, there were too many to count. But these are just a few of our favorites for your reading pleasure.

Recently, Twitter user Dai Lama asked users about their experiences with rude customers who were spectacularly wrong.

And the responses have convinced me never to work in customer service again…

1. This entitled meat-lover.

2. This very confused shopper.

3. This fashionably early couple.

4. This person who doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘overdraft’.

5. This regretful scone enthusiast.

6. This not so high and mighty parent.

7. This unnecessary argument that was later rectified.

8. This customer who took his anger out on insulation.

9. This coffee noob.

10. This client who didn’t know where they were.

11. This determined coleslaw lover.

12. This superhuman who can smell carbon monoxide.

13. This pizza snob.

14. This embarrassing mixup.

15. This odd request.

16. All of these very wrong customers.

17. This person who clearly skipped math class.

18. These colorblind microwave purchasers.

19. This ~very~ sober individual.

More shitty customer stories:

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