22 Customers From Hell Who Deserve To Be Sentenced To A Lifetime In The Service Industry

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of waiting tables or working in the service industry you know it’s an experience that changes you forever. There’s something about waiting on the worst customers at restaurants, getting bad tips, and being forced to do it all with a smile on your face that turns you into the best customer in the world.

There’s a reason waiters, waitresses, servers, and other service industry people all say that EVERYONE should spend a little time working in the service industry. These awful customers deserve to spend the rest of their lives waiting on people for the unspeakable sins they committed against their servers.

1. This insulting customer who deserves to get a face full of change.

2. This religious customer who’s going to hell.

3. This customer who offered THE WORST “blessing.”

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4. This “poor college student” who probably should’ve stuck to ramen. 

5. This customer “on a budget” who doesn’t realize servers are on budgets too.

6. This obnoxious “tipper” with career advice. 

7. This shrugging loser.

8. This incredibly annoying self-promoter.

9. This person who called their waiter satan (???)

10. This delicate flower whose sensitive ears can’t handle human speech.

11. This guy who should’ve only included his number for Venmo purposes.

12. This from what’s gotta be the worst customer at a restaurant in history.

13. This heartbreaker.

14. This jerkoff, who I’d like to give MY two cents to.

15. This person who thinks a coupon to a craft store is gonna put food in a server’s mouth.