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People Are Tweeting Out Their Bad Teacher Stories (26 Tweets)

There are a lot of wonderful teachers out there who are working really hard under difficult conditions to try and help kids get a leg up on education in a country that seems to value education less every day. This post is not about them.

Amongst all the good teachers are a number of people who are tenured into the position, doing it as a side gig, completely disillusioned, or who have only gotten into the business of teaching because they enjoy having tyrannical power over people smaller and weaker than them. Everyone who has been to school has met a teacher like that at some point, and Twitter user @FUNTIMEZ wanted to hear their stories:

They also shared their own story, writing, “I have this teacher for a Presentation Skills class who, if she caught me fidgeting or ticking, would make me stay after class so she could lecture me on being ‘distracting and disrespectful’. And when kids presented she would make them start over if they said ‘like”’or ‘uhm’, or didn’t make eye contact. One kid was up there for 30 minutes just repeating his project over and over and he almost cried.” 

“Hell I had to restart mine once and it was even worse than my first time through,” they added. Poorly administered discipline is a common theme in the below tales, as are vengeful parents. That’s the real lesson for everybody: keep track of what’s going on in your kid’s classrooms! There might be a real reason why they stopped enjoying reading.

worst teacher ever