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Move Over, Baby Yoda—Baby Jabba Is Here And He’s Causing A Twitter Debate

The world is obsessed with “Baby Yoda” (it’s not really Yoda, though, sadly) and it’s not surprising. He’s cute, he’s wise, and he’s a symbol of all that is good and pure in this world. But Baby Yoda has a competitor — or a brand new sandbox friend? — in the form of Baby Jabba. 

What, you cry out, is Baby Jabba? Good question! 

A fan art version of Baby Jabba is circling the web after a Twitter user @mangheauxxx, shared the kind of adorable (shhh, don’t tell) sluggy creation by 3D artist Leonardo Viti for all to fawn over:

Look, we all know how evil the organized crime lord is but as a baby? He’s shockingly kind of cute.

baby jabba, baby jabba the hutt
via Instagram

You can’t hold his future self against the tiny baby sluggy blubber Hutt, can you?

The Internet though, larely does not abide.

In fact, some people had downright violent reactions against Baby Jabba:

Most people also thought Baby Jabba resembled the baby from Dinosaurs, so there were a lot of “Not the mama!” references:

And some folks referenced this Baby Jabba rendering, which apparently came first:

Some people were slightly horrified even though they secretly found Baby Jabba a little bit cute:

Oh and while you’re here, the Twitter user who originally shared the art has a message:

The original artist, Leonardo Viti, was so touched by the love he received from his creation, and thanked his supporters:


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He still got a lot of hate in his comments, but at least we know where people stand when it comes to good against evil!

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