We Don’t Need To Pit Baby Yoda And Baby Sonic Against Each Other, But We Also Can’t Resist

Last week, you tried to replace Baby Yoda with Babu Frik. This week, you’re trying to replace him with Baby Sonic. Can’t you just let a lil’ green guy live? The answer is “no,” isn’t it?

A Japanese trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog dropped and it revealed a little surprise.


Baby Sonic


Based on how the original, teeth-filled Sonic design looked, it was kind of a surprise how adorable Baby Sonic is.

One Twitter user pointed out that it could have been worse. So much worse.

Of course, we can’t just have two perfectly nice, adorable, serotonin-pumpin’ babies and be happy with it, right? No, we have to try to make it a competition.

Even THE MEDIA is in on it.

It almost makes us wonder which baby will we get next?

Personally, we’d like to see a baby Ecco the dolphin.

Hell yeah.

However, one has to ask: Is the discourse becoming TOO overrun with babies?

Absolutely not.

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