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Turns Out Michael Scott And Baby Yoda Have A Whole Lot In Common

The Internet’s biggest hero was The Office‘s Michael Scott, who is beloved because he’s such an awkward, awful weirdo and also because Netflix is always streaming that show. But he’s also old news. The Internet is always looking for a new icon to latch onto, and they found it in The Mandalorian. Once Baby Yoda burst onto the scene, all else was forgotten.  That cute little matcha bun is everyone’s favorite meme subject now, and Michael Scott was left in the dust.

That is until Twitter user @kdk3 resurrected him with an astonishingly perfect pairing. Michael Scott IS Baby Yoda, we all just couldn’t see it!

It seems like Scott and Baby Yoda do all the same adorable things in all the same adorable ways, and instead of pitting them against each other in the meme wars, we should combine them and make them more powerful than ever. Here’s all the side by sides, showing how deep this connection goes, and how adorable they are:

1. Smiling

2. Shocked

3. With Their Besties

4. Sipping Tea

5. Napping

6. Tearing Up

7. Holding Objects

8. Hugging It Out

9. Face Palming

10. Snacking

11. Contemplating The Universe and Everything

What a lesson this is to all of us! We don’t have to choose. We can love all our TV characters equally because they’re essentially the same tiny, lovable dude. And it’s been a balm on the heart of Twitter:

Balance in the Force at last.

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