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Chrissy Teigen Thinks Jim and Pam From ‘The Office’ Are Divorced Now And She’s Convincing

The Office is more popular a decade after its original airing than ever. People watch and re-watch it on Netflix, and if you’ve been on Bumble lately, you know it seems like The Office quotes are the only acceptable icebreakers. Maybe it’s the awkward comedy of Micheal Scott or the messed up workplace dynamics that keep the show feeling relatable, but I suspect it’s the central love story between Jim and Pam. They were a huge hook the first few seasons and watching them finally get together and then plan to escape Scranton was inspiring. There is such a thing as a happy ending!

chrissy teigen, chrissy teigen the office, chrissy teigen jim and pam, chrissy teigen jim pam the office

Until Chrissy Teigen sh*t all over it. Teigen is a Twitter queen, and I’m generally willing to go along with most of her statements, but a poll on the longevity of Jim and Pam’s relationship is really trying to poke a hole in all our dreams about true love.

Chrissy Teigen asked her followers, “It has been 10 years since Jim and Pam got married. Do you think they are still together, separated, divorced or open marriage.”

Overwhelmingly, people voted that the two were still together. Interestingly, the second most popular response was “open marriage.” Maybe people are still hoping they’d stand a chance with Jim Halpert, when he’s away from home for the weekend.

Teigen thinks that everyone who claims the couple would still be together is engaging in some wishful thinking. She outlined her reasons, saying that if they are together, Jim has turned into a big A-Hole, and Pam is a depressed stay-at-home mom focused on Etsy. They also never moved to Austin. No one ever moves to Austin.

The most convincing thing she says is that statistically, some of the show’s marriages are going to be over. So, you’re really picking the strongest marriages out of the bunch, and most of the other people married older, when they knew themselves better. Dwight and Angela are younger, but they’re both such freaks that they’ll never find anyone else who is quite right. They’re meant for each other. Jim and Pam are just an office romance that went too far. There, I said it. Teigen has won me over to the dark side. Love is a lie and we should all start binge-watching more current shows.

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