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Cowboy Museum Puts Security Guard In Charge Of Twitter, Turns Out He’s Great At It

We all could use a little joy in our lives right now…

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So thank goodness for Tim the security guard!

Tim has become a Twitter hero after he was given the job of running social media for The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma.

With labor in short supply these days, Tim was asked to take on some extra duties. I feel for whoever was in charge before because I doubt they’re going to let Tim leave now.

Tim announced his new position on Twitter, and assured everyone he’ll still be taking security at the museum very seriously:

And they were right to be. With a big empty museum, there wasn’t much for Tim to do besides show everyone his favorite items. He even tried using some hashtags, though he didn’t quite get the concept:

There were a few things about Twitter eluding him, actually:

He reached out to his grandson Lucas again to test how things were going:

But the best part for me is watching someone genuinely fanboy over pictures and artifacts. And their grandchildren:

Folks have tried to step in and help, explaining how hashtags work and offering suggestions on what else might be good to show on Twitter, like the selfie station, which led to an adorable Tim selfie:

As Tim began to feel more comfortable, he leaned even more heavily into the dad jokes. We’re getting a lot of puns and references to his grandson hating the puns, the most dad combo of all:

Tim is enjoying himself and also encouraging everyone else to stay home and be safe while he walks the museum’s hallowed halls:

It’s hard to stay inside, but with guys like Tim as our guide, we can still see the world in a whole new light.

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