17 Men’s Insecurities That Women Don’t Even Care About


In an unfortunate turn of events, the concept of a man is being eroded by pop culture and its ridiculous demands it has on men. I feel sorry for men today. It’s not just women who have to deal with societal pressures to be thin, beautiful, and perfect.


Winning everything. I’m friends with many guys who are dramatically competitive. A guy shouldn’t worry so much about always winning. I think you can tell a lot about someone by the way they handle a loss!


HEIGHT. I can say with very certain confidence that while height may matter to some women to most it does not. In fact it has been my personal experience that men who are closer to your own height (being a female in this equation) are BY FAR better in bed then much taller men. I have dated guys between 5’5” and 6’2”. I think its just makes things much easier as far as positions and cuddling. It could be a personal preference but I’ve had other girlfriends who agree. So all you short guys out there no more napoleon complexes. Please.


Insecurity about accomplishments. For the most part, as long as you treat me well, I don’t care if you have your Master’s, are CEO of a company, etc. Just as long as you treat me well.

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