Sorry, Arya Stark Was Never Going To End Up With Gendry And Here’s Why

**This post is dark and full of spoilers**

In Season 8, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones, a lot of things went down. First and foremost—almost everyone was drunk. They were so busy celebrating defeating the Night King, they hardly realized the one person who defeated the Night King wasn’t even at the celebration.


During a break in the merrymaking, Daenerys confronted Gendry—Robert Baratheon’s bastard son. While it seemed at first she might do something horrible to him for his father’s decision to slay her family, she did quite the opposite.

Dany made the decision to legitimize Gendry as a true Baratheon and give him Storm’s End, naming him a Lord. He’s no longer Gendry Waters, but rather Gendry Baratheon, and he’s now the head of his house.

Mercy from the Dragon Queen is in short supply lately, but it’s actually a power play for Dany. She knows that—because Gendry comes from nothing—giving him a castle and power will leave him indebted to her for life.

After suddenly finding himself on the other side of the class divide he’s been bitterly eyeing his entire life, Gendry seeks out Arya to tell her—and profess his love to her.


To Gendry, the title of nobility means he can finally marry a Lady, like Arya.  In turn, Arya says she’s happy that Gendry has his own home and a royal title and power, but tells him that she will not be his Lady:

“You’ll be a wonderful lord, and any lady will be lucky to have you. But I’m not a lady. I never have been. That’s not me.”


Any fan who is an avid Game of Thrones fan recognized this statement right away—from Season 1.

When traveling to King’s Landing with her father and sister, Arya was given “dancing lessons,” learning how to be a true fighter. In one meeting on the steps of King’s Landing, Ned Stark tells Arya:

“You will marry a high lord and rule his castle, and your sons shall be knights and princes and lords.”

But, Arya tells her father:

“No. That’s not me.”


Additionally, in Season 2 when Gendry and Arya first meet, he refers to her as “M’Lady,” and immediately, Arya tells Gendry to basically fuck off with that. She has told him time and time again, she’s not a Lady.


And who can forget in Season 7 when Arya and Nymeria come face-to-face again after years apart. Arya tries to convince Nymeria to come home to Winterfell with her and then stops to realize that Nymeria is not going to be domesticated and stay in one place for too long. She whispers to Nymeria as she walks away:

“That’s not you.”


If Gendry was truly paying attention to who Arya Stark really is, he would have known from the jump that she’s not someone’s “Lady” (as she’s told him many times). She’s her own person, her own fighter, and has gotten to where she is now completely and solely on her own. She doesn’t need a castle, nor does she need a man—but if she wants one, she’ll get one for herself.


People on Twitter pulled up with the savage jokes, letting us know that Arya Stark is the most stan-worthy woman on Game of Thrones.

In case you needed a reminder—Arya Stark is that bitch.