People Share Their Bad Experiences Meeting Celebrities They Once Admired (35 Stories)

29. Emma Roberts:


I was an extra in a movie starring Emma Roberts. She’s incredibly immature and childish. The whole time on set she clung to the male actors and spewed out drivel. She sounded like an 11 year old girl attempting to talk like how she imagined a sorority girl would talk.

Before filming, I ran into her in the back while looking for the bathroom. She walked out of a door and I didn’t know who she was, just thought it was some blonde extra. I asked her if she knew where the bathroom was and she looked at me in disgust and said “I don’t know…” And rolled her eyes. The door to the bathroom ended up being on the other side of the door she just came out of. I’ll never forgive you Emma Roberts

30. Anthony Daniels:

My father was a curator in Edinburgh (Scotland, UK) when I was growing up and I was fortunate to meet a few ‘celebs’ who opened exhibitions for him.

The absolute worst was Anthony Daniels, a.k.a. C3PO from Star Wars. He opened an exhibition called ‘The Art of Star Wars’ and was a rude, egotistical prima donna.

When my father tried introducing us to him he flat-out refused on the grounds that he was “preparing for his performance” (i.e. reading a very short speech) and virtually shoved us out of the room. Later, once this scintillating and arduous ‘performance’ was over, he declared it was “Time for [the official] photos!” and clapped his hands at the guests like he was a school teacher and we were rowdy pupils. He herded us into place and physically repositioned some people, quite literally pushing them around. We were all holding little exhibition guides that had his image on the cover and he walked around adjusting each and every one so that his face was visible. Only then could the photos proceed.

What an utter arse! I’m a huge Star Wars fan and now every time C3PO is on screen all I can think is “wanker.” 🙁

My father theorised that because Daniels is seldom recognised, what with the full-body robot costume, he acts like a complete prima donna to compensate. I think there’s something in that.

Funnily enough, a few years earlier my father had an exhibition on Star Trekthat was opened by Mr ‘Scotty’ Scott himself, James Doohan (as well as the lady who played Deeanna Troy in The Next Generation). Mr Doohan could not have been more polite, gracious and kind. A really lovely man, a proper gentleman. Funny too.

To put Mr Daniels’ behaviour into perspective, my father has met and worked with a lot of famous people over the years, from Joni Mitchell and Sean Connery to ex-British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the Princess Royal Princess Anne (who according to his colleagues was quite taken with him), Her Majesty the Queen (who’s regularly drafted in to open things) and the Dalai Lama. He says that without a doubt the most difficult and obnoxious person he ever had to deal with was Anthony Daniels.

31. Tommy Lee Jones:

I used to work at Starbucks in San Antonio and Tommy Lee Jones has a home there. He strolled into my store one day. He was a dick. He argued with us about a syrup charge and then complained about his drink. We offered to remake it, but he left grumbling and being an overall dick. I know he has that reputation, but I honestly didn’t really believe it until I interacted with him. One of the customers asked for his autograph and he told her to fuck herself.

32. George Lopez:

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When I was 15, I met George Lopez after the filming of one of his “George Lopez” show episodes. During the show, he drank a lot and got pretty shitfaced and afterwards when I asked him for some life advice he replied, “Drugs. If you’re not doing it, you’re overdoing it kid.” He also gave my friend’s dad (who worked on the show) about an ounce of incredibly powerful weed for my friends and I a couple of weeks later.

tl;dr George Lopez gives kids drugs.

33. Alec Baldwin

My sister and I saw Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, and Salma Hayek on the street when we were eating lunch. They were just coming out of a car, about to go into some building next to us. We had no idea why they were together but, in retrospect, it was definitely because they were filming 30 Rock together.

My sister said, “OH MY GOD. IS THAT TINA FEY??” Alec Baldwin turned around and went right in her face and said, “Don’t f*cking say that, don’t speak to us, why would you say something like that? You can’t speak to us, not now.” But it didn’t really end there, he yelled AGAIN at us outside his building, saying “DON’T LOOK OVER HERE, TURN AROUND AND EAT YOUR FOOD, F*CK OFF.” He sounded genuinely furious at us. Almost like he wanted us to yell back and start something with him. Honestly, my sister was on the verge of tears. It was horribly embarrassing. Everybody knows now that Alec Baldwin has a history of screaming at people. But at the time we had no idea. Don’t get me wrong, my sister shouldn’t have yelled at Tina Fey like that, but the way Alec snapped was straight-up scary like he was about to physically hurt her.

Salma Hayek and some other lady who I didn’t recognize came over and apologized to us. She asked if we wanted her to go and get Tina and get her autograph because apparently, Tina felt bad too, but we said no. She then talked to us about the food we were eating, which was Mexican food, and we ended up having a brief conversation about NY’s lack of quality Mexican food. She was INCREDIBLY charismatic and sweet.

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34. Bill Nye

Bill Nye the science guy.

I was on a field trip in middle school, and our teacher saw him. She politely asked if he could say something to us or just say hi – we always watched him in science class. He told her to f*ck off and basically berated her for bothering him and asking him to speak to a bunch of kids.

I’m not sure if he was just having a bad day, but it was not the best experience as a child.

35. James Franco

James Franco, though I technically didn’t meet him but sat in on a panel he did at a film festival. I was in high school and was at the festival with three friends when we got word he was doing a Q&A about one of his movies that had just come out, and we got really excited. We waited over an hour to get in to see the panel.

We were let into the room where we waited another 45 minutes for him to show up. When he did show up, boy looked ROUGH. It was almost 4 pm, and he looked beyond hungover. His clothes were dirty, he obviously hadn’t showered, and he spent more time talking to the floor than anything else. But the cherry on top? His ego could have filled the room. Every question that was asked he made into a story about how great he was, both actor, director, and producer. I do think some of his stuff is funny, but he’s a B actor at best.

I remember clear as day some woman asked him to describe a role that was “challenging for him and how he overcame it,” and he just laughed at her.

The Q&A ended up being so boring I fell asleep in my chair. 0/10

36. Adam Levine

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