Gen Z TikTokers Are Dressing Up As Millennial Pop Stars From The 2000s

TikTok provides fantastic outfit inspiration.


The fashion trend turns users into 2000s stars.


TikTokers show off what they’d wear to various outings (rehearsal, dodging the press, interacting with fans…) if they were those early aughts pop stars.

TikToker @ageorama launched the trend when she created a sponsored TikTok for Free People.

@emmaclairolson / TikTok

She wore the brand’s clothes and zipped through her own rendition of what she would wear.

@emmaclairolson / TikTok

She labeled it Y2K Outfits and captioned it “What I Would Wear If I Were A Pop Star in the 2000s.”

But users hopped onto the trend quickly and it took off.


how i’d dress as a 2000’s popstar 🦋✨💞 ib @ageorama #2000sfashion #y2koutfits #early2000sfashion #freebritneyspears

♬ Circus – Britney Spears

Users made their own modifications to the original trend with their own spins on the fashion style of the era.

They take inspiration from stars of the time: Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, etc. Lots of tracksuits, miniskirts, boot cut jeans, and baker boy hats.

Other early 2000s fashion also popped up.


not my umbrella breaking at the end ✨ #tiktokfashion (ib: @ageorama)

♬ Circus – Britney Spears

There was the tiny vest, a shearling coat and flip-flop wedges, and a baguette bag. The looks of a bygone era of excess and lots of glitter!