Anne Hathaway Asks People To Stop Calling Her “Anne” Because She Hates The Name

Anne Hathaway is coming out against something she hates very much: her name. 

Hathaway was a guest on The Tonight Show, where we learned to never, ever call Anne Hathaway “Anne”—she hates it!

Hathaway was a guest on the show to promote her new HBO Max project, Locked Down and host Jimmy Fallon got straight to business.

“I’ve known you for a pretty long time now,” Fallon said. “I’ve heard people call you ‘Annie,’ like your good friends. Do I call you ‘Anne’ or ‘Annie?'”

Instantly, Hathaway instructs everyone to call her ‘Annie’ and goes on to explain why ‘Annie’ is preferred to ‘Anne.’

When Hathaway was 14, she starred in her first commercial, which made her eligible for a SAG card. At the time, she didn’t understand she could use a nickname or stage name – she thought her name had to be her name

“It never occurred to me, for the rest of my life, people would call me ‘Anne,'” she said. “The only person who ever calls me ‘Anne’ is my mother, and she only does it when she’s mad. Like, reeally mad.”

OK, that actually makes a lot of sense and we kind of feel for her. So.. literally nobody calls Anne Hathaway “Anne?” 

“Every time I step out in public and someone calls my name, I think they’re going to yell at me,” she said. 

Oh no, we definitely don’t want her to feel like we’re mad at her! 

She confidently states to Fallon and the rest of the world, “I’m an Annie.”

You know, we see it. 

Hathaway is nothing but sunshine in our lives, so let’s join her on the “Annie” revolution. 

You can view the entire video, where they talk about Elf On the Shelf, Locked Down and more here: 

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