Belle Delphine Really Did Post Her Sex Tape But Only After It Was Leaked

20-year-old Belle Delphine has been building up to her sex tape debut for a while. Her initial fame came from gaming and a fan base who loved watching a beautiful girl play games. That’s it.

That fan base is much hornier than the average data set, so Belle started to make some money off their blatant thirstiness.

For instance, she sold her own bathwater and while it came with a warning not to drink it, we know it went right down some gullets after it sold out.

She then started selling her own Gamer Girl brand condoms. These also sold out. Anything even tangentially related to sex or Belle Delphine’s body is apparently a huge draw.

Belle could probably keep making cash off of all sorts of things, but she recently announced she was going to be posting a sex tape on her OnlyFans this year. She jumped all the way to a ten.

The video is available now for $35, according to Know Your Meme. Unfortunately, it seems like Belle’s sex tape was leaked before she planned to post it, mostly on Reddit.

She doesn’t seem too wound up about that, probably because if you have enough fans to buy out your bathwater, you know they’ll keep coming back to the source.

Plus, while drumming up press for her sex tape, Belle promised to sell a different kind of condom: used. It’s not clear if she will follow through or not, but Belle Delphine promised to sell the condom used in her video to the highest bidder.

There’s only one of those and it’s in this gamer girl’s hands. Good luck stealing that, Reddit.

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