Chris Hemsworth Replies To Guy Who Says People Think They Look Alike

Chris Hemsworth is known for having a pretty good sense of humor. Aside from nailing a surprisingly humorous role in all of the Thor movies and glowing reviews from his interactions with fellow actors and fans, Chris seems to be a pretty good guy. Even on Twitter.

It’s also no secret that he is one of the hottest men on the planet.

But at least he knows it, acknowledges it, and often even makes fun of it.

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Recently a fella on Twitter named Justin (@nothinbutlag) posted a tweet saying he is often confused for the musclebound celebrity. Obviously, he bears almost zero resemblance, but that’s the joke, isn’t it?

Hemsworth saw this tweet and, like the funny guy he is, decided to respond, and on Valentine’s Day no less.

I think the fact that Hemsworth responded on Valentine’s day means he was trying to boost Justin up. I like to think this was a completely wholesome interaction.

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There’s a lot of really toxic back-and-forth with fans and celebs these days, it’s just nice to see one that isn’t mean.

The comments were equally wholesome and fun. Seems like everyone was in on the joke and enjoyed it.

Which one is he


chris hemsworth lookalike twitter response - twins

Other men posting their “doppelgänger” pics

Perhaps a more accurate celeb lookalike

chris hemsworth lookalike twitter response - frank zappa

Even a well place ad from an Eyeglasses store

Justin finally responded to Hemsworth’s kind gesture, completing the wholesome internet content circle.

Have you ever had a wholesome interaction with a celebrity? Do you ever tweet at them or comment on their Instagram to see if they’ll respond? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, as long as you’re being kind and respectful. You don’t want to act a fool and end up on the wrong end of Thor’s hammer.