Chris Hemsworth Responds To Getting Cursed Out By Ryan Reynolds' Mom
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Chris Hemsworth Responds To Getting Cursed Out By Ryan Reynolds’ Mom

Ryan Reynolds has made quite a career out of trolling other celebrities.

Mainly his wife Blake Lively

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And frenemy Hugh Jackman

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Jackman and he have both drummed up business by making videos and insulting tweets directed at each other, mostly because it’s all in good fun…we think.

Reynolds has been asked to put his talent for trolling to good use via his participation in AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League. This fantasy league only lets in people who have played superheroes in films, which at this point is half of Hollywood.

The group raises money for the Sick Kids Foundation which raises money for sick kids. Straight and to the point.

Part of the League rules is that trash talk is obligatory. The players post these little videos as a way to draw attention to what they’re doing. People were anticipating Reynolds, of course, but he threw everyone for a loop by having his mom do the dirty work for him.

“To my fellow @agboleague superhero fantasy football players,” he tweeted. “I don’t trash talk. Even if it’s “required”. Even if it benefits the astounding work of @sickkids hospital. Disparaging others isn’t what heroes do. I was raised to treat friends with respect.”

His mother, Tammy, appears in the video to call out his opponent Chris Hemsworth, saying:

“He looks like a “bodybuilder f–ked a platypus. And I loved you in Wonder Woman, it was the best!”

(Referring to Reynolds’ use of the hashtag #ChrisHevansprine, a combo of all the many men named Chris who have appeared in superhero movies.)

Tammy must be thinking of Chris Pine. 

Hemsworth responded with his own video, saying he had invited his “dad” to him get back at Tammy and Ryan. The person next to him is actually Dan Blacklock, a costume designer.

Hemsworth tries to get Blacklock to trash talk for him, but he won’t, though Hemsworth insists they discussed it before hitting record:

I’m just glad they both have something to do.

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