People Are Finding Out They’ve Been Saying Brendan Fraser’s Name Wrong

Here’s an easy question: How to pronounce Brendan Fraser’s name?

Simple right? Actually, you’re probably wrong.

How to pronounce Brendan Fraser

In an interview with Adam Sandler in Variety’s “Actors on Actors” segment, the two discussed what it’s like to host Saturday Night Live (where Sandler is an alum).

Sandler then mimicked the show’s announcer and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, Brendan Fraser!”

But he mispronounced Fraser’s name, saying “Fray-sher.” Like in the show “Frasier.”

How to pronounce Brendan Fraser

But that’s wrong, according to the man himself.

How to pronounce Brendan Fraser

Fraser said it’s actually pronounced like “razor.” He added: “Like that thing you shave with.”

How to pronounce Brendan Fraser

And then he added a sad note: “No one’s ever gotten my name right.”

How to pronounce Brendan Fraser

The internet was dumbfounded by this revelation. Lots of people realized that they, too, have been guilty of the crime of not knowing how to pronounce “Brendan Fraser.”

how to pronounce brendan fraser

Someone found an old clip from Comedy Central where Fraser shows us how to pronounce “Brendan Fraser.” So he’s been having this issue for decades.


These are good times for the actor with the hard-to-pronounce last name. He’s been getting rave reviews for his performance in “The Whale.” Fraser has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award and some think he could get an Oscar nod, too.


He’s got some stiff competition for the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama. The other nominees are Austin Butler for “Elvis;” Hugh Jackman for “The Son;” Bill Nighy for “Living;” and Jeremy Pope for “The Inspection.”


But if Fraser wins, hopefully the presenter will know how to pronounce “Brendan Fraser.” If not, they can just rewatch the video.