Ice-T Says “No Masker” Father-In-Law No Longer A COVID Denier, Is “On Oxygen Indefinitely”

Ice-T has rarely held back on sharing his opinions, and he certainly hasn’t done so during COVID, remaining a staunch supporter of masks and social distancing throughout 2020. But it turns out not everyone close to him felt the same.

The Law & Order: SVU actor took to Twitter last week to share that his father-in-law has been fighting a COVID infection in the ICU for 40 days…and that he “was a serious ‘No Masker.’”

“COVID hit him. Pneumonia in both lungs. 40 days in ICU close to death. Now he’s on Oxygen indefinitely,” he wrote. “Ohhh he’s a Believer now.”

It’s been difficult for everyone trying to stay safe during the pandemic to watch anti-maskers continually fight for their right to act like a devastating disease is a hoax or “just the flu,” and Ice-T has been no exception to that rule.

On the same day that he shared information about his father-in-law’s condition, he also posted a viral video of an anti-masker tantrum, followed up by acknowledging that he’s lost six good friends to COVID so far.

Still, naming and shaming an anti-masker in your family who contracted COVID — not to mention possibly passed it along to others if they weren’t taking precautions — isn’t something anyone does lightly, and Ice-T was clear that he chose to share this story as a warning to others.

The responses to his reveal were varied, with a predictable amount of people still coming in to falsely insist wearing a mask wouldn’t stop the virus, while others lamented the continued refusal of so many Americans to take such minimal steps to protect themselves and others.

And no small number commented on the way everything’s been so politicized, including Ice-T himself.

Hopefully Ice-T’s father-in-law is going to be okay, but maybe his story will actually shake some sense into at least one or two people who have been on the fence about masks or social distancing. Nine months into the pandemic, you’d really think everyone would be taking things more seriously by now.

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