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Ina Garten Is Everyone’s Quarantine Hero For Getting Her Drink On At 9:30 AM

Cooking shows that don’t involve intense timed competition and judgment are incredibly relaxing to watch. Ina Garten has been making kitchen content long before the age of social media, broadcasting her relaxing life eating elaborate pasts dishes and relaxing on the porch with friends and wine for years. Friendships and enjoying food together were an integral part of her brand. 

Well, we can’t enjoy things together anymore and no one is sure when we will be able to again. Some folks are dealing with this change better than others. Some celebrities are handling the descent into irrelevance better than others. With no red carpet to walk down, do they even exist? Garten, however, has always made home her domain. The kitchen is not the spotlight. So she should be handling this okay, right?

Not quite. On Wednesday at about 9:30 am, Garten posted to Instagram with a recipe for a giant vat of Cosmopolitans, captioning it, “Cocktail hour. It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis! Recipe link in profile. #staysafe.”


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In the video, she jokes that she likes to make a big vat in case folks stop by—but then corrects herself. “Wait. No one’s stopping by,” she jokes. Ha ha?

The recipe on her website is supposed to quench the thirst of six people and involves two cups of vodka, one of Triple Sec or Cointreau, and basically a splash of cranberry juice for color. You might notice in the video that there are not six people to chug that jug. Garten is going to down on six Cosmos at breakfast time all alone.

Everyone honestly loves it (even if they’re also a little worried about her) (she’s fine):

Garten seems to know how to get through a crisis and it involves a fully stocked liquor cabinet and a loose sense of time. Basically the same stuff most of us are relying on.

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