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Ireland Baldwin’s Getting Out The Vote Chest-First

So, what’s your voting plan? If you don’t have one, make it now. The fate of our democracy is in the hands of every voter in America. Voting is one of the few rights we have that actually seems to scare the rich and powerful, which is why the founders made it so hard to suppress your voice.

Ready to grab your ballot yet? No?

Ok so, have you seen Ireland Baldwin’s boobs lately?

The 25-year old model and daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is no stranger to Instagram thirst traps…


I mean, and we’re glad she’s not…


This week Ireland decided to use a thirst trap to encourage people to vote…


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voting is cool and so are disproportionate boobs

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The model and actress is doing her part to get out the vote with some very suggestive images, insisting that voting is cool and so is just wearing jeans next to the pool.

Ireland gave her followers multiple tata angles with some strategically placed “I voted” stickers that cover enough to keep Instagram from taking the pics down:

I hope the fact that she has two doesn’t mean she voted twice, because that would be illegal:

Maybe she just told the poll worker what the stickers were for and they happily handed them over. We all want to support and celebrate getting out the vote and getting off the shirts of gorgeous celebrities.

She was a bit self-deprecating about her own body, sadly, saying she has “disproportionate boobs.” Disproportionate to what, I wonder? Each other? Her own body? The world? They look great to me, and to every other verified person on Instagram who commented on them, including her step-mother Hilaria Baldwin and famous boob-shower Mia Khalifa:

I don’t know if I’m convinced. Might have to look at these pictures a few hundred more times before I head down to the voting booth. 

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