Julianne Hough Writhes And Screams As An “Energy Healer” Pulls Bad Mojo Out Of Her Butt

You’d think celebrities could relax, secure in the knowledge that they’re rich and famous and don’t have to try so hard anymore, and yet… somehow we still get confronted with things like Goop’s $75 vagina candle, that allegedly smells like Gwyneth Paltrow’s undercarriage, and which immediately sold out.

The latest squirm-inducing act of celebrity excess comes to us from Davos, where the super-rich go once a year to swap Swiss bank account numbers and perform their necessary blood rituals, and involves dancer and actress Julianne Hough.

In a video that has caused “exorcism” to begin trending worldwide, Hough lays face-down on a massage table while a Dr. John Amaral–lightly stroking her neck and back—explains that people carry a lot of negative energy in their bodies.

Then Amaral, who according to Jezebel is a “Goop-approved energy practitioner,” appears to pull all that overflowing energy out of Hough’s ass while she writhes and moans on the table.

“Huge dissipation of energy” indeed.

It’s all a bit much.

From the showman’s magic hands to the subject’s wildly energetic response it immediately recalls faith healers like Benny Hinn whose whole shtick is causing people to collapse with convulsions and speak in tongues while barely touching them. (According to Vulture, Amaral is a “somatic energy healer.”)

Well the spirt was certainly moving through Hough at Davos. That or some sort of lucrative promotional deal. Who knows. Probably one of those.

Here’s another video of her channeling that same spirit/shtick.

Still not sure about negative energy butt-pulling? Just think of it as the mathematical opposite of butthole-sunning.

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