Normal People Who Dated Celebrities Spill The Beans On What It Was Like

In a world captivated by the glitz and glamour of celebrity romances, it’s easy to get caught up in the enchantment of it all. We often find ourselves fantasizing about what it would be like to date someone famous, imagining a life filled with red carpets, exclusive events, and paparazzi flashes.

But what about those ordinary individuals who have actually walked hand in hand with a celebrity? What secrets lie behind the glamorous facade?

Today we’re hearing stories from folks who dated a celebrity and are sharing exactly how it went down. Here are 17 of the best.


“When The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie was popular, I made out with Paris at a night club in Baltimore. Essentially, they were filming them doing all sorts of random jobs around the country and staying with local families all for the culture clash laughs. One of those families ended up being my friend and her family. Being a close friend and a well-known admirer of Paris at the time, I was invited over and got to hang with her a good amount while they were in town. Both of them were super sweet, and a lot smarter than they played for the camera. Paris was a great kisser, and this story is always a hit with my friends.

A few months later, her phone was hacked. My number was in her phone book, and I got spammed with prank calls. I imagine it was a lot worse for anyone who was actually famous. Anyhow, [we] basically lost total contact after that. But still a fun story!” – u/JackDonneghyGodCop


“My mom dated Keanu Reeves back in high school. She broke up with him because he was too focused on his band with his friends at the time.” – u/takedownhisshield


“I worked with a guy who claimed that he dated Meryl Streep in high school. We all laughed at him until he brought in his yearbook and showed us their prom picture.” – mx-xm


“My friend’s aunt went on a blind date with Gerard Butler, circa 300 (the movie, not the year). There was a big miscommunication, because he was looking for a hookup, and she’s a kindly French Canadian woman in her 50s, but they both had a laugh about it and enjoyed supper with each other.” – u/hercarmstrong


“My friend dated Dax Shepard in college. She said he’s super nice and genuinely funny. [She said,] ‘Just a good-hearted man.’ She said he didn’t really express much interest in comedy or acting at the time (or ever really), so she was surprised that’s what he ended up doing.” – u/RatATatTatu


“A girl I worked with dated Jake Bongiovi before he started [his relationship] with Millie Bobby Brown! She had nothing but positive things to say about him and his family.” – boredatwork123


“Not a romantic date in the least, but I had dinner once at a Japanese restaurant (in a group setting) with Leonardo DiCaprio while he was in Louisiana filming Django Unchained. He wanted to know what college was like and was asking us all about our lives. He also let me try his udon. It was my first ever Instagram post! He really is such a nice guy in the limelight and in real life. It felt like we were hanging out with our friend.” – u/Swolecranon


“My aunt dated Matthew McConaughey before he was famous. He ended up getting invited to her wedding to my ‘normal’ uncle, and proceeded to pass out drunk in the back of my family’s car. He refused to leave, and now my dad refuses to watch his movies!” – u/schining_knight


“Charlize Theron flirted with me when I was an extra in her first movie. She was a ‘nobody’ and had a really small role. Then her makeup [artist] or assistant told me I was lucky. I was shy and backed away because it was odd having a girl hit on me so hard.” – u/mazdarx2001


“My husband’s grandfather took Bette Davis to the prom.” – mrstrwr


“My aunt went on a date with Jimmy Buffett. She said he picked her up, stopped at a gas station, bought a jar of pickles, and then drove to the beach. They ate pickles, and he took her home.” – u/[deleted]


“A few years ago, I was getting on a flight back to San Diego after my cousin’s wedding. I was very hungover and judging people as I walked to my gate. I saw this long-haired man stride by me and thought, ‘Who’s this?’ As he walked by, I realized that’s Fabio! A bit later after getting a snack, my brazen and probably still drunk self saw him sitting at his gate and just sat down next to him. … We proceeded to talk for 30 minutes until he had to leave. He was so intelligent! We discussed cancer therapies in depth, and I recall thinking, ‘Fabio is way smarter than you. Just nod and smile.’ Before leaving, he asked for my number and texted me the next day for a date.”

“Nothing ever came of it, but I still have his number in my phone. 

My dad followed up for weeks to make sure I wasn’t dating ‘the man on every romance novel cover.'” – u/DIGITALCITIZENSD


“My mom had a dinner date with George Clooney in the ’90s. She didn’t really say much, apart from the fact that he’s an interesting and charismatic guy, but she honestly didn’t think he was going to blow up.” – u/NardClump


“A teacher of mine dated Rainn Wilson for three months. She said he was a funny and kind man. They also went to Mexico together. When I asked what they did, she replied, ‘What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.'” – u/DoctorShrute


“My aunt dated Weird Al Yankovic when she was in her mid 20s. I wasn’t alive back then, but my family tells me he was a genuinely funny person in a way you wouldn’t expect.”

“One of my older cousins actually has a signed guitar that Al played with in a live show. My aunt and Al met from my dad being a radio DJ as a teenager, and he met a lot of celebrities through that. The station my dad worked at threw Weird Al a birthday party, and my aunt just happened to be there. They ended up together for a decent amount of time. Every once in a while, Al will come into town to say hi to her. Even though they aren’t together, they are still friends.” – u/Mtgknucklehead


“My uncle is a ski instructor in Northern California and had a coffee date with Pink.” – u/[deleted]


“I dated Flux Pavilion for seven years. It was great, so we got married in January [2019]. I enjoy my own company, so the touring isn’t really a problem.”

“It’s nice to share my life with a person so creatively fulfilled. I love hearing whatever he’s worked on that day when he gets home. I get to tag along to cool places, and it’s sweet to see how much people care about his music. I generally don’t try to explain what he does when I meet new people because they either won’t get it and don’t care, or they do get it, care too much, and then only want to talk to me about his music. 

Largely, though, just a normal, happy marriage. He judges me when I listen to Radio 1. I judge him when his phone isn’t on silent. His job isn’t much of a factor in our daily life. I married Josh [Steele], not Flux Pavilion, really. He’s an excellent husband for myriad reasons, and his musical talent is only one of those.” – u/aTinofRicePudding