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The Naked Philanthropist Is Now Selling Pics For Puerto Rico Support

It’s a brave new world, folks. If donating to important causes or supporting global crises (you know, being a good person) isn’t your thing, maybe you just need a bit of a push—from a hot naked person, of course. That’s exactly what Kaylen Ward, a model, is doing in her work as the “Naked Philanthropist.”

Kaylen, as the Naked Philanthropist, announced that she will send nudes to anyone who shows proof of donating funds ($10 or more) to aid Puerto Rico, which is still battling massive challenges after a string of hurricanes, the worst being a 6.4:

People were excited to receive nudes while doing something for the good of the world. Surprisingly, her Twitter replies weren’t mega-creepy:

In fact, Kaylen had previously raised money—over $1 million, in fact—for the Australian wildfires before her attempts to help Puerto Rico by harnessing the “raw horny energy of the internet.”

Of course, as Business Insider says, this sort of philanthropy really isn’t anything new. Sex workers, influencers, (and video sites like PornHub) have done it before, too. 

Still, Kaylen definitely has found a way to make an impact, and people have lots to say about her approach:

Some people find her to be straight-up problematic, though:

Some people spoke out against the organizations Ward selected, though, and urged people to donate to grassroots organizations or to the people themselves—an important point:

In the end, we’re glad that people are donating money to worthwhile causes. Whatever the means.