Scott Disick Comments On Sofia Ritchie's Topless Instagram Thirst Trap

Sofia Richie Posts Topless Instagram Photo And Of Course Scott Disick Had To Leave A Comment

Did you now that Scott Disick and Sofia Ritchie are dating? Did you know Sofia Ritchie is Lionel Ritchie’s daughter? Did you know that Scott Disick is Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, and they all hang out? Okay, then you’re all caught up on the weird lives of celebrities. One last tidbit is that Disick is 36, and Sofia Ritchie is 21-years-old. 


Anyway, Disick at least seems to be aware that he is incredibly lucky to be dating a hottie like Sofia Ritchie, who frequently posts pictures to Instagram that showcase exactly what he’s getting. She is indeed an absolute babe:

Even when they’re not together, Disick makes sure to check in and let everyone know how much joy his sexy girlfriend brings to his life. Sofie Ritchie posted a thirst trap on Thursday, and while all of her pics are essentially thirst traps, this one is topless.

“How’s your Thursday?” she asked. And Disick answered.

It’s not bad, thanks,” he commented, ogling her photo, even though they are probably sitting next to one another on a suede couch somewhere.


In celebrity world, if you’re not publicly salivating over your girlfriend, it’s not love.

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