Chris Pratt And Ryan Reynolds Are Arguing Over Fantasy Football Just Like Non-Famous People

Celebrities: they’re just like us. They argue about inane stuff online! In this case, it’s a fantasy football ranking. Unlike most regular non-famous people, Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds, and Chris Hemsworth are participating in a fantasy football league for charity, according to Mashable.

The AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football Charity League is only open to people who have literally played a superhero in a film franchise. 

It’s pretty wild that we live in a reality where there are enough superhero movies to make that a thing, but here we are.

The League tweeted that the top three ranking players are Hemsworth, Pratt and Reynolds. These guys can act, flex a hot bicep, and guess who will win the football games. Unfortunately, someone took umbrage with how this news was reported by the AGBO:

Chris Pratt tweeted that Hemsworth should not have proceeded him in the announcement, because he is technically in the number one spot. No one is better at fake football at him, at least no one who has also played a superhero in a feature film. 

“Humbled to be listed alongside these two amazing actors. (I’m in the lead to be clear so I should be listed first and I’m filing an official complaint.),” he wrote.

It definitely seems like he’s joking, but then he followed it up with a screenshot of the scores to make it even more clear that he is the best of the best of this very elite group who have all pretending to fly or whatever:

It’s true, he does appear to be about 30 points ahead of Hemsworth and almost 60 ahead of Reynolds. And Ryan Reynolds doesn’t like that.


Reynolds took a bit of a playful swipe at Pratt’s naked desperation on twitter, asking, “On a scale from 1 to smoking my children’s pajamas, how desperate are you to win this thing?”

He followed that up with a gif of Deadpool smoking, which is very on brand:

Right now, I’m rooting for Chris Evans, who appears to be in ninth place. Take ’em down, Cap.

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