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People Are Sharing The Stupidest Thing They’ve Said To A Celebrity For Your Secondhand Embarrassment (41 Tweets)

If you’re lucky, you might one day meet your biggest celebrity hero. If you’re very unlucky, you will immediately say the worst possible thing to them. This has happened to an alarming number of people, according to responses to a question presented by Twitter user @rachyymarshall. They actually posed this question long ago, in late 2018, before we knew what this year would hold. I guess we need some quality embarrassing celebrity stories again to get us through the quarantine because it started circulating once more this week

“What is the stupidest thing you’ve said to a celebrity?” they asked.

People have said all sorts of stupid things to folks they wanted desperately to impress, it’s adorable. So many people have said stupid things to Tom Hiddleston I had to start being selective about which ones to include. Maybe the more accessible a celebrity is, the more likely it is that a fan will verbal diarrhea all over them. On the bright side, this puts embarrassing stuff you could say to a celeb in perspective—it might haunt you, but they’ve definitely forgotten about it.