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People Are Sharing Hilarious Stories Of Noticing Dogs — But Not The Celebrities Walking Them

Gather ’round, dog lovers. This is the Twitter thread for you. It’s got everything—stories about cute dogs, stories about being compelled to pet cute dogs, stories about celebrities, and stories about ignoring celebrities just to pet dogs more.

It all started with an anecdote from writer Alanna Bennett, who said she was sitting in a cafe in Los Angeles when who should walk in but an adorable dog.

When Bennett gasped at the outrageous cuteness before her, the dog’s owner turned around and it was none other than actress Tessa Thompson.

People are probably always gasping when they see Thompson, but Bennett wanted to clear everything up and let her know that she wasn’t trying to creep on a celebrity. She just loves puppos.

This is already a perfect story, but it got even better. This is apparently a very common phenomenon. Dog people see the dog first and the people second. Hundreds and hundreds of folks replied with stories about seeing an adorable dog they had to meet and only realize later that the person walking it has won an Oscar.

It seems like most celebrities are pretty chill about people fawning all over their animals. Maybe it’s a relief not to get so much personal attention? Whatever the reason, this is the kind of content I want:

This thread is so wonderful, but someone pointed out that we need more details on these dogs. Paint me a word picture, people!

Though someone did chime in to say that they know what Tessa Thompson’s dog looks like because she just adopted him from The Dog Cafe in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

That is a good dog.

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