20 Parents Who Failed At Technology So Hard It’s Adorable

Parents trying their dang hardest to mesh with technology but failing spectacularly has got to be the most adorable thing in the entire world. The fact that this failure is inevitable and happens constantly to literally every person’s mom/dad/aunt/grandparent does not make it any less cute, simply because the sheer creativity of their flubs is beyond understanding or reason.

In other words, how…..??? And in conclusion, I love every single one of these adorable human beings. I hope they live—and keep being really bad at technology—forever and ever and ever.

1. This mom, who took a screenshot of her phone by photocopying it:

2. Annnnd this one, who wanted to make sure her kids saw Apple’s updated privacy policy:

3. This mom, who’s been using her screen protector’s film instead of an actual screen protector this entire time:


4. This dad, who “transferred” photos like this:

5. This mom, who accidentally told the world she was pooping:

6. These grandparents, who input a very important search into YouTube:


7. Weird Al’s aunt, who managed to capture his appearance on a talk show:


8. This grandma, who had infinite tabs open on her phone’s Internet browser: