45 Super Pure Tweets That Prove The World Wasn’t 100% Garbage

I’ll be the first to admit that 2018 sure felt like a flaming pile of garbage. In between our nation’s vast socio-political divide, the state of the environment, and the passing of many beloved public figures, it became easy to forget that good people, good actions, good things—abound in this world.

Yes, a lot of really dumb stuff happened. Yes, it was emotionally exhausting, and people seemed to go especially out of their way to ruin the Internet, and I don’t know of a single person who didn’t struggle with their mental health in some capacity.

But also, these 45 things happened:

1. This adorable date:


2. This heartfelt goodbye:

3. This sweet grandpa:


4. This perfect parking spot:


5. These new best friends:


6. This professional photo:

7. This life-saving surgery:

8. This precocious tipper:

9. This beyond-cute gaze:

10. This eatery truth: