25 Times Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner Were The Queens Of Female Friendship

16. When Arya Stark had her sex scene (see, no specific spoilers!) this season, Sophie’s reaction was the funniest. 


17. But that’s not surprising, since the women joke around a lot together. 

18. At work…

19. …And also not at work, when they would get high and sit in the bathtub together, according to Sophie. 


20. They’re definitely each other’s #womancrushwednesday.


21. And they look just lovely together, like on the cover of Rolling Stone

22. And Glamour

23. And when Sophie got engaged to Joe Jonas, Maisie gave her the sweetest blessing. 


24. See how obvious it is how much they love each other?  


25. In short, find someone who looks at you like Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner look at each other. 

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h/t: BuzzFeed