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People Are Sharing The Actors Who Were “100% Wrong” For Their Roles

When an actor takes on a role, there is nothing better than seeing them completely fit into the character’s shoes.

There are some casting choices — like Chris Evans as Captain America, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen — that are so perfect, we can’t imagine them any other way.

But what about the other side of the coin?

In an r/AskReddit thread, a Redditor wanted to know which actor was 100 percent wrong for their particular role.

Let’s see what people are saying.

1. Ferdia Shaw as Artemis Fowl

“He conveys none of the intelligence, shrewdness or relentless determination of the book character. He comes across as a child dressed up in a suit and handed cue cards with smart-sounding lines to read unconvincingly. He’s a child so I’m going to lay the blame for that one on the casting director.”


2. Jon Voight in Anaconda

“Jon Voight as a snake hunter in Anaconda is fine… but him as a PARAGUAYAN snake hunter? Just why lol.”


3. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the 50 Shades trilogy

“Aside from the movies being absolutely shitty, the two had no chemistry with each other and it was awkward as hell to watch. More so when I found out that Jamie was married while filming those movies. The movies shouldn’t have even been made.”


4. Mickey Rooney in yellow face

“Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi”


5. Lily James and Armie Hammer in the Rebecca remake

“She’s way to confident to be the narrator and he’s way to smarmy to be deWinter. And I thought that before all the creepy stuff about him came out – now it’s even worse to try to watch.”


6. Sophie Turner as Jean Gray

“I like her as an actress, but I just couldn’t get into it. I felt like she struggled with hiding her accent.”


7. Colin Farrell as Alexander The Great

“As one of my old University professors once said, “I wouldn’t follow that guy to the end of my DRIVEWAY”.”


8. Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan

“Cameron Diaz was horrible in the 2014 Annie remake. She hasn’t made a movie since.”


9. Everyone who played the Invisible Woman

“Every actress cast as Sue Richards, The Invisible Woman, from the Fantastic Four so far.”


10. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

“Why the f–k was Jesse Eisenberg cast as Lex Luthor of all f–king things All depictions of him are of a tall, bald, and lean businessman No disrespect for the actor, I’d take such a high paying job too, but whoever thought of casting him is a clown”