jeff goldblum, spider-man

Jeff Goldblum’s Response To The ‘Spider-Man’ Fiasco Is Now A Hilarious Meme

Jeff Goldblum’s career has experienced a veritable renaissance over the past several years, with the actor becoming a certified zaddy in the eyes of millennials who weren’t even born when he played mathematician and chaos theorist Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park.

Goldblum has gone on to become one of the most beloved B-grade celebs, and for good reason. He’s charming and hilarious, the most recent proof of which can be found in his response to hearing about the Spider-Man saga.

While on the red carpet for the D23 expo last weekend, an intrepid reporter asked Goldblum to sound off on the news that Spider-Man may be leaving the Marvel Comic Universe due to a dispute between Disney and Sony Pictures. This seemed to be news to Goldblum, whose hilarious response has gone on to become a meme.

It’s clear from the video that Goldblum has literally never heard this news, and he says as much. However, he’s not content to leave it at that—he appreciates that reporters need soundbites and he wants to offer one even if it doesn’t make much sense (and it really doesn’t).

“No! This is the first I’ve heard of it! I’m crestfallen!” he says before devolving into stutters. “What’s happening? I didn’t know any of this! Uh, I’m not a businessperson so all you say is Greek to me!”

The rest of his statement is nearly unintelligible, and that’s what makes it so great. Who among us hasn’t been caught out on a topic we knew nothing about and not wanting to seem dumb by admitting it? I think I speak for everyone when I say that Jeff Goldblum is a national hero and we must treasure him forever.

Also, someone should probably fill Goldblum in on the whole Spider-Man situation so he can be up on it the next time he’s asked.

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