People Are Sharing The Basic Adult Skills They Never Learned And The Good News Is We’re All Equally Dumb

Can you change a tire? Sew a button? Lasso a feral hog? Chances are you can do some of these things but not all. The fact of the matter is that, no matter how competent we feel, all of us go through life with glaring blind spots and gaps in our knowledge of basic adult skills. After all, that afternoon you spent learning how to change a tire was an afternoon you didn’t spend learning how to bake a cake.

A Twitter user named Jenée recently came to the realization that not only are “adult life skill” knowledge gaps common, they’re also interesting.

Everyone’s blind spots are different and it’s honestly fascinating to compare our many glaring weaknesses. So let the comparisons commence!

1. Some are charming, some are weird, and some are pretty inexcusable. Like this Ivy-Leaguer who can’t use a mailbox

2. And this other Ivy-Leaguer who can’t read a thermostat

3. This bad “big whistler” is excused (that sh*t is hard)

4. This person who can’t do a normal whistle is not (that sh*t is easy)

5. This escalator wimp

6. This casino drop-out

7. This struggling chef

8. This guy who will never make it in the music biz

9. This dustbuster

10. This bad Canadian

11. This hapless home-improver

12. This telephone phobic

13. This meat confuser (It’s CHICKEN, SUSANNAH!)

14. This left-right conundrum that might be a medical condition

15. Yeah you might wanna get this checked out