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Twitters Is Debating “Is Jenny The Real Villain In ‘Forrest Gump’?”

Thanks to Twitter user @justinbaragona‘s question, “Who is the best bad guy ever in a movie?”, we have a pretty wild hot take from @michaelbd, who asserted, “Jenny, Forrest Gump.”

Yeah. Just … hang on a sec, you might be thinking. Because I, too, am a little curious and skeptical about how we’re going to turn an abused child who grows up not dealing with that abuse into the villain. So let’s dive in…

First, the counter argument:

Ed_Realist / Twitter

But @Robvander came in with a rebuttal:

Robvander / Twitter

But @Ed_Realist disagrees with that (as do I, for what it’s worth).

Robvander / Twitter

And THANK YOU, @Youcanthandle7, for saying exactly what I feel.

Youcanthandle7 / Twitter

But the real problem may be a little more meta than anything we’ve seen at this point.

Ed_Realist / Twitter

(I would probably argue that that’s the point: we’re seeing this film through Gump’s eyes, and he has the mentality of a child. She’s part of his child-like self-fairy tale.)

Other people thought she really injected herself and stole the limelight in the scene @Ed_Realist mentioned above.

 BoneJeni / Twitter
 BoneJeni / Twitter

Or perhaps Jenny is simply a bad person.

 Hindsight2040 / Twitter

But really, doesn’t it show that Jenny is a 3-D human being with issues of her own?

 ElizabethElliot / Twitter

And she can’t be the villain because villains do things with intent and Jenny never meant to hurt anyone.

 ElizabethElliot / Twitter

Yes. This.

 foster_type / Twitter

They also pointed out that Jenny was an addict and did not know the pain she inflicted.

 TruthIzThis / Twitter

But ultimately, and I entirely agree, this is a ridiculous take.

 Twitter / Twitter