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An Extended Scene From Twilight Has Fans Screaming Over Bella’s Secret Hobby

The Twilight series had had a bit of a resurgence during the pandemic, I’ve noticed, perhaps because we all want to retreat to simpler times. Or maybe it’s because they’re misunderstood cinema classics that deserve our appreciation.

It could also be because the extended versions of all the movies are on Amazon Prime and we have hours upon hours to kill in our homes. What matters is that they continue to surprise and delight.

A TikTok user named @honeydxo posted a deleted scene from the Twilight extended edition that most of us haven’t seen. Before she plays it, she says, “I know why everybody says that Bella doesn’t have a personality and it’s because they left out THIS scene right here.”

In the clip, Bella picks up a rainstick in Edward’s home and says she “used to make these” and then reveals she and her mom used her chinchilla’s dropping and paper towel rolls for their homemade instruments.

“Maybe that’s weird,” she adds.


ok so first of all my voice is way too calm in the beginning for how insane this scene is & 2nd…EDWARDS FACE LITERALLY DID THE 👁👄👁 #twilight #fyp

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Perhaps the funniest moment is the face Edward makes, like he’s trying not to say anything judgmental. It’s perhaps the only moment in the entire franchise where he expresses anything but fascinated love for Bella and it’s very funny:

TheTikTok video made its way to Twitter, where it was posted by writer Alanna Bennett, who said she was “haunted” by it:

Haunted is one way to feel after this scene, but I think it gives the film a depth of feeling and character it didn’t have before. Others agree:

There are apparently a bunch more deleted scenes that kind of explain who people are a lot better. Like Rosalie feeding Jacob a hot dog in a dog bowl. Insulting and also confusing!


Reply to @sammdoe can u tell I’m SHAKING

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And some pretty heavy petting from the evil bloodsucking vampires:


Reply to @emi_ann8519 I woke my boyfriend up trying to make this one 💀

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And some more kissing, this time between Esme and Carlisle, who barely make eye contact in the theater release edit:


Reply to @sunflower.girl.04 :’c <3

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These movies deserve an apology from all of us. They’re much better than we thought, if they just had like, ten more hours to tell the story.

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