The ‘Arya Stark Challenge’ Is The Newest Viral Way Someone’s Gonna Hurt Themselves

*Warning: MAJOR Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!*

If you haven’t yet seen the third episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones (“The Long Night”), then A) what are you waiting for, and B) do not read on. But seriously, watch it, because you can only avoid spoilers for so long. 

Okay, for those of you still reading, here we go. So, by now we all know how the battle ends—Arya stabs and kills the Night King with a dagger and that leads to the death of all the other White Walkers (who are already technically dead, so maybe “death” isn’t the right word there, but deal with it).

In the intense scene, the Night King has Arya by the throat and is holding her away from himself to keep her from stabbing him. But just when you think she’s done for, she pulls a neat trick—she drops the knife and catches it with her other hand and then stabs him in his vulnerable, unprotected belly. So long, sucker! As Arya (and Syrio) says, “Not today.” 


It’s actually a trick that eagle-eyed viewers know that Arya has pulled before, while sparring with Brienne of Tarth. 


Here they are rehearsing it, so you can get a better look. 

The move is so cool that people have started doing it themselves in what’s being called “the Arya Challenge,” or just simply “the Arya.” 

The variations are endless. Here we see it done with a remote control. 

This guy incorporated into his hair-brushing routine. 

And this guy pulled the move while brushing his teeth. 

This lacrosse player did it after winning a game. 

This guy put his own spin on the Arya with a Sharpie. 

And this guy tried an edible Arya with a banana. 

This one’s pretty similar, only with a vegetable instead of fruit. 

Here someone tries it with a microphone (a nice twist on the ol’ mic drop). 

Keys? No problem. 

A mug? Easy. (Although that could have gone very wrong.) 

And just look how useful it is to this plumber at work. 

Even kids are getting in on it. 

But this guy tried it with an umbrella and ended up damaging his phone.

That’s the thing—this could so easily lead to someone getting hurt. Just like the Bird Box challenge, where people ran around blindfolded (SMDH).

BUT so far it doesn’t seem that anyone’s been hurt (besides that one guy’s phone). 

As long as no one’s using actual Valyrian steel, maybe it’ll all be okay. And it is fun as hell. AND at least it’s not the #TheonChallenge. 

h/t: BuzzFeed, Time

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.