24 Landlords Who Might Just Be Worse Than Yours

Getting your own home or apartment for the first time is a pretty big step for people but why did nobody prepare us for dealing with sh*tty landlords.

They literally have one job and it’s to make sure the space you are paying thousands of dollars more than you should be a month is barely livable enough for survival. And for those of us cursed to be in the forever-a-renter generation, all we can really do about our real estate overlords is commiserate together on the internet.

Here are 24 landlords who might actually be worse than your own.

1. Guess the art is free of charge

That’s a helluva still life.

2. Is this some kind of brain teaser?

3. I’m sure he’s laughing with you, not at you

4. Maybe getting evicted wouldn’t be so bad

5. Looks like a bad toupee

6. Ah, a fellow man of letters

7. Where’s the lie though?

8. Pest control AND free soap? Sign me up!

9. Handwritten letters are really a lost art

10. Ok, this landlord is actually great