20 Times Bad Roommates Got Called Out For Being Awful Cohabiters

Do you know how to deal with a bad roommate? You never let them in to begin with. Once they’re in, it’s like bedbugs. You might have to go scorched earth to get them out.

The folks are hurt because home is your safe place. The rest of the world is chaotic, but you should be able to come home to peace. Instead, you find Derek in the living room clipping his toenails onto the carpet.

How to deal with bad roommates? Harsh, honest communication. You’re gonna have to say some uncomfortable stuff to a grown-ass adult. Or, you can just call them out online and let the commenters do what they do. I prefer that one.

1. So well rounded.

2. Passive aggressive af.

3. An unexpected guest.

4. This is…just wrong.

5. A new level of petty has been unlocked.

6. Well that settles that then.

7. Heavy drinking I’d guess.

8. Not a fun prank.

9. How do you explain this?

10. This is serial killer stuff. Run.

11. To be fait the dog loved it.

12. You a mermaid?

13. My roommate throws her disposable contact lenses against the wall every night.

14. Roommate borrowed his car and brought it back like this.

15. Instead of doing dishes, this roommate throws them out and buys new ones.

16. Roommate refuses to use the cutting board. Now these are the counters.

17. Roommate came into the kitchen and ate all of the chicken skin. 

18. Roommate borrowed the car and brought it back like this.

19. Beyond bad, report to the authorities. 

20. Who steals all of the books???