This Bitch Threatened To Tell HR When Her Coworker Refused To Bake Her A Free Birthday Cake

We’ve all got a coworker who drives us crazy.

Whether it’s because they decide tuna is the best possible thing to heat up in the break room microwave, or they have an unquenchable thirst for showing you boring pictures of their ugly kids *cough cough* KAREN.

However, one coworker celebrating a birthday might just take the cake for worst ways to ask for a cake…

The situation was uncomfortable right out of the gate as the unnamed coworker immediately asked for a cake before needing assurance that the cake would be free:

This fool then had the nerve to demand a fancy Ferrero Rochers and Lindt truffle cake and became upset when their coworker (who would be doing this for free) asked if they could make cookies or an easier cake:

This petulant child then threatens their coworker because they didn’t get the yummy cake he/she demanded for free. I just- can’t.

Reddit was quick to offer their own advice on how to handle the situation, as well as colorful commentary.

Well good news is HR won’t give a single fuck that you didn’t make your coworker a cake for their birthday, but they may be interested in that thinly veiled threat she just made. – ThatBankTeller

Is it possible to bake a cake with like the screenshot of this convo on top of it? It would be pretty hilarious – Thunder290

According to the HR video I had to watch for work, this constitutes a textbook hostile work environment violation. Tell HR, they’ll have a fun time. Maybe it’ll be in the next video I have to watch! – brutinator

How the f*ck do people like this ever make it through the interview process? Complete lunatics. – champagnecharlie1888

coworker: make me a ferrero rocher lint truffle chocolate cake for free

op: sorry im busy

coworker: watch your back – eat_the_child

If you ask me, that coworker should bake a completely different chocolate cake instead.