27 Texts From Moms Who Think They’re ‘That Bitch’ After A Second Glass Of Wine

Parents and technology are a funny thing. Throw an iPhone at a mom and next thing you know, you’re fielding Emoji-dense texts at all hours of the day and night.

If your mom also happens to enjoy a glass of wine or several every now and again, then these texts become something else entirely. Like, kinda savage, to be honest.

We pulled some of the best posts from Instagram account @yourshittyfamily that showcase texting moms who are, quite frankly, ON ONE. Enjoy.

1. This mom, who means what she said:

2. This mom, who doesn’t care:

3. This mom, who’s just looking for a deal:

4. This mom, who delivered an applaudable burn:

5. This mom, who understands the healing power of a good pizza:

6. This mom, who isn’t down with the slang:

7. This mom, who didn’t need to be quite so savage:

8. This mom, who speaks from experience:

9. This mom, who does what she wants:

10. This mom, who’s in a hurry, ok?

11. This mom, who is no BB:

12. This mom, who did not get a text from Lauren:

13. This mom, who needs some input:

14. This mom, who is TURNT:

15. This mom, who wishes you luck:

16. This mom, who dropped a hundo on Halloween or sex play:

17. This mom, who laid it all out there:

18. This mom, who isn’t afraid to drop a little truth:

19. This mom, who somehow, somewhere, found this meme:

20. This mom, who made a dad joke:

21. And this one, too:

22. This mom, who just seems like the absolute best:

23. This mom, who isn’t in a Frozen mood, ok?

24. This mom, who’s got NSFW proverbs on deck:

25. This mom, who is brutally honest:

26. This mom, who’s doing the best she can:

27. And finally, this mom, who isn’t f**king around:

h/t Instagram—@yourshittyfamily