disgusting quarantine meals

People Are Sharing The Most Disgusting Stuff They’ve Made And Eaten In Quarantine (25 Pics)

Quarantine inspired one group of people to learn to bake frog bread, cook gorgeous meals, and post all of their efforts on Instagram. Perfectly edited photos are wonderful to scroll past, even if they immediately give you anxiety about making a peanut butter sandwich with a hot dog bun. Not everyone has the mental or physical energy to make anything too nice for dinner these days. Or the pantry stock. That’s why we turn to Reddit’s Sh*ttyfoodporn, a subreddit that celebrates all the jankiest meals you can make in five minutes or less.

Actually, there isn’t a time limit. Some people spend quite a while making food that looks and tastes like crap. But they’re proud of that, too! Not everything has to be perfect and this is a place to share and celebrate a complete lack of perfection. In fact, they’re celebrating their food fails. And that’s what makes these absolutely revolting meals beautiful:


Tried to surprise my wife with flower shaped pancakes and they ended up looking Covid cakes from r/shittyfoodporn


Ran out of bread so I made french toast hot dog buns. from r/shittyfoodporn


How do you consume your nourishment cubes? from r/shittyfoodporn


Fried corn on the cob. My coworker sent this to the group chat to show off. Shes made it for me before and insisted I try it. It wasn’t good. from r/shittyfoodporn


Pork loin with tomato reduction, fresh made mozzarella, and hand picked olives. from r/shittyfoodporn


Buckweat pasta with some butter and garlic from r/shittyfoodporn


Doritos and kraft shredded cheese microwave and served on a Tupperware lid. from r/shittyfoodporn


My wife has gluten allergy and today’s her birthday, couldn’t get a gluten free cake from bakery yet…..so I managed gluten free pancake, cinnamon, butter, cream cheese icing and splash of syrup. from r/shittyfoodporn


I made…..pizza…? from r/shittyfoodporn


My friends made me post my meal idk why from r/shittyfoodporn