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People Are Making ‘Frog Bread’ In Quarantine

Breadmaking has become a popular pastime as we tick off the days in coronavirus pandemic quarantine—no doubt, a quick peek of your social media channels is likely filled with sourdough starters galore. And now, folks are getting extra creative with their baking skills by making so-called “frog bread.” What is this creation, you ask? Well, it’s simply bread in the shape of a frog.

As the Daily Dot helpfully explains, to make this adorable food you simply do everything you’d normally do with bread dough. Set aside six chunks of dough for the legs, eyes, and any other frog parts you feel inspired into making. How you decide to build your frog is between you and your maker!

Assemble it all into a frog-like blob, and then—for the most important part—make sure to indent a smile into your carby, amphibian friend before tossing that sucker into the oven. Voilá! You have made a frog out of bread.

However, if for any reason that was not clear, you can view any number of tutorials on TikTok, where the hashtag #FrogBread has been viewed over 850,000 times!

@hanlyhoneytoday was frog bread day ##frogbread ##bread ##frog ##wlw ##sapphic ##lesbian ##lgbtq ##aussie ##aus♬ とびだせどうぶつの森 – り さ 🧁

Plenty of other folks are taking to Twitter to show off their handiwork. Some are more creative than others, giving the frogs tongues, chocolate eyes, and other identifying characteristics.

Some are giving their frog loafs tadpoles or entire families:

In these trying times, it’s often the simple pleasures that bring us the most joy, as many reported increased levels of serotonin their creations have brought them:

May you all find anything in quarantine that makes you this happy.

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