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21 Hiring Managers Share The Most “WTF” Moments From Interviews

16. Too much too soon and too late

“I did a phone interview with a guy and he seemed really excited and very friendly. He seemed to be relatively new to the field, but we were willing to give him a chance. I invited him to come in for an in-person interview. My manager and I were doing this second interview, and when I called him in, he gave me a huge hug and proceeded to talk to me like I was his best friend. As a 27 year old woman, I was incredibly uncomfortable and froze up. At the end of the interview, we told him we would reach out to him within the next couple of weeks to let him know the outcome.

After the interview, my manager asked if I knew him, and I said I definitely did not. His interview was not great either, and he was not a good fit for the job. My manager was the one who had to call him to let him know he didn’t get the job. However, he proceeded to call my phone every day that week and left me long voice mails. Most of the times he’d ask about his interview, but sometimes he’d say things like “Hey girl! How are things going? I was thinking, if I get hired we should hang out!”. It freaked me out, and I had my manager call him early to give him the news that he did not get the job. The calls did not stop, and I just kept deleting his voice mails without listening. My manager and I were so disturbed by his persistence that we went to HR for help, and they must have done something because the calls stopped after that.” –tittyelf

17. The worst-case scenario

“Not a manager, but I was the interviewee. I wasn’t feeling well that morning but I had an interview with a super cool science museum as a promotions event coordinator. It would have been the perfect job. I decided to go anyways. As I drove to the interview, I felt horrible. When I went inside I was feeling worse. I was asked to sit and wait for the hiring manager to come get me.

When she finally did I knew I had made a mistake in coming. I got up and followed her across the whole museum and up 2 flights of stairs. It felt like it was 120 degrees in there. And finally as we were walking toward her office and she reached for the door handle, my stomach let go. I barely made it to the trash can right next to me and proceeded to vomit for a good 2 minutes. Even dry heaving a few times. When I was finished I looked up and she had her back to me with her head in her hands like she was trying to hold it together. I said I was sorry and I hope she had a better day than me and I turned around and left. Man that would have been a fun job.” –FightingForBacon

18. I’ll sue

“She cried three times during the interview about how much she hated her current job. My coworker had to get up and grab a box of tissues for her. When she finally calmed down, she informed us that she’ll need a special desk chair due to an injury she sustained at her current job, and yes, she did have a workers compensation court case against said job and she hoped to “win big”. No one had said anything about hiring her, she just made an assumption that she got the job I guess.” –accidentalhorse

19. Answer the question, please

“I hire student (university) workers. One of my questions is “Tell me about a time at work where you made a mistake, and how you fixed it.”

This kid had no prior work experience, so I modified the question to remove the “at work” part. I thought he’d tell me about fucking up at school or at home and no. He told me about the time where he ripped his pants in gym class in the fourth grade. He didn’t tell me how he fixed the situation either, so I’m assuming his pants are ripped to this day.

This kid was a goldmine of what not to do in an interview, tbh. He did not get the job.” –Safraninflare

20. Wow. Maybe keep them to yourself or get help soon?

“A few years ago, I was hiring for a new graphic designer. The guy didn’t have much working experience and was a little odd, but I liked his portfolio so I decided to interview him anyways.

The whole interview was bizarre, but ended with the question “what do you think are your weaknesses?”

He replied “ummm tbh. I have some pretty violent tendencies…”’ –Teckun2

21. Don’t get high before the interview, I guess

“Some of the walls in the office were painted a vague brownish colour. Partway during the interview this guy starts looking around with a really spaced out look and says: “This office really reminds me of a cardboard box. But not in a bad way. Like the kind of box that you put things in, you know?”

He then decided that he didn’t want the job and left before the interview was over.

h/t Reddit: r/askreddit